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About Us

"The Incredible Journey of the PaintShield Story"

by Dave Karroll

"The Journey Continues"  Updated March 15, 2017

The Evolution of Progress! Two exciting announcements. First we are excited to announce the addition of our new - easy to use adjustable handle. We also have expanded our product line to include a 4.5" jumbo mini FasTrimroller produced from state of the art Microfiber fabrics. Second we have been taken on for distribution by the largest wholesaler of paint sundry products in the USA/Canada, The Lancaster/Merit group. With 7 distribution centers and over 80 sales representatives serving over 15,000 accounts, we will have our products available to all retail operations in North America.

"In the Beginning"

Dave with a history and background in new product development started down the road to developing these tools as he was working in the painting industry. with over 35 years of painting experience, he saw a need to develop a tool and a system to help make painting easier. The challenge for anyone who has ever painted has been to cut in or edge next to ceiling, trim or baseboards. It took over 5 years to refine the tools and bring them to market. Part of the challenge of bringing tools like these to market is the huge cost involved as well as finding a manufacturing partner, and investors who shared his vision.In 2010 a partnership was formed with a leading US company in the paint tool business. Brenner Intl. with over 40 years of expertise saw the possibilities for my tools and we joined forces.


 In 2013 at the Las Vegas Paint and Hardware show, the FasTrim Roller brand was launched. In the picutre above Perry Gartner and his daughter Marcy who are co-presidents of Brenner international,shared the spotlight, along with one of our investors (far left) Mike Naef. Perry with over 40 years in the paint tool industry followed in his fathers footsteps, who was a paint brush manufacturer for years. Perry is a past president of the American Brush Manufacturers Assn. Perry and Marcy own their own manufacturing plant, they hold over 20 patented paint tool products and are a industry leader.


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