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Taking Pre-Booking on New Products arriving 1st week of May

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Our prices posted for pre-booking orders includes FREE SHIPPING in the continental USA.

Our new jumbo mini roller constructed with 3/8" microfiber is proving to be an amazing roller. Covering in excess of double the area that you would be able to cover with a standard 3/8" fiber.

Check out our new video showing our 11 position adjustable handle on painting a 1,400 sq.ft. home.

Eliminating Brushwork, Ladder work and taping....

Making painting Easier - Quicker - Better.

10 Times Faster Than a Brush

Great news, Our new Jumbo mini roller and our upgraded easier to use thumb adjustable handle are ordered and will be in inventory by the end of July.I have uploaded a short video showing how you can edge around 21 feet of trim two coats in less than 35 seconds.If you want to be on our [...]

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Major Breakthrough for distribution of the Fastrim Roller in the USA, Canada, Ireland, the UK and Scandinavia

We are proud to announce the expanded distribution at retail as well as on E-Commerce in the USA, Ireland and the UK and Scandinavia.In the USA Lancaster co, the largest wholesaler of paint tools in North America has begun distribution of their private label brand or our tools. That Brand is the Dynamic Brand and [...]

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Patch and Repair Simplified - Even door handle hole in wall

Doing maintenance painting you occasionally run into a door handle hole in the wall and or damaged Sheetrock corner beads. Also the situation arises of repairing textured portions of walls or ceilings here is a link that provides simple easy to learn instructions on how to perform the California patch and other minor repairs.There are [...]

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How to Make $100 - $200 and hour Painting

While most average painters try to make $40-$50 an hour while painting, I have videos and testimonials showing how painters using these systems can make $100 and hour and more. For Professional painters who read this Blog, contact me and I will send you my complete estimating sheet. I also sell my products on Amazon [...]

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Eliminate the MESS

How to eliminate or keep the mess to a minimum.Good drop sheets that keep spills from leaking through are expensive, but drop sheets aren't the only answer!When you paint you only paint 3-5' of wall in a load, that is the area you want to protect as well as the platform you place your tray [...]

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Welcome to my FasTrim Roller site

Hi and Welcome,I'm Dave Karroll Professional painter over 35 years and inventor of these tools. Over the years I have painted 1,000's of rooms. I also have taught a multitude of painters, both DIY and professionals how to make painting Easier, Quicker and Better. I have put together a series of "How to" Help-U-Paint videos, [...]

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