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Purdy Brush



The biggest challenge for anyone who has ever painted is edging next to trim and or cutting in next to the ceiling. In my over 30 years as a professional painter, I used a variety of brushes to help make this cutting in or edging process as simple as possible. There are a multitude of brushes and brush manufacturers in the marketplace. After much trial and error the Purdy brush was my choice for brushes. Even then the choice between firm, medium and soft as well as whether to use a 2", a 2 1/2" or a 3" sash brush needed to be researched. With a variety of latex paint with different viscosities, it made it necessary to use a number of different bristles to minimize the brush lines and the number of cuts required for edging. I also used other top brand brushes, including the Wooster brush line and a few other top line brushes.

The worst thing you can do is buy a cheap brush. To assist in the cutting in or edging part of any paintjob was why I developed my own edging tools. With the Fastrim Roller you are able to perform an absolutely seamless paint job, completely eliminating brush lines regardless of the type of brush or paint that you chose.

My challenge to everyone who is going to tackle a paint job is give my edging tools a try. If you aren't satisfied and or don't feel you gained an advantage with my tools, I will give you a complete refund and my gift to you for trying my tools is you get to Keep the Tools......

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