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Shur-line Paint Edger

Shur-line paint edger compared to the Fastrim Roller Paintshield Edger.

There have been a variety of paint edgers with drop down guides; the Shur-line paint skid pads with wheels offer a different take on these type of edgers, trying to get the cut line close to the trim or ceiling. The patented paint shield components on the Fastrim Roller allow the user to get within 1,500 of an inch at high speed with a roller that compares to a three inch sash brush. The three and five inch roller edger starts at under $2.00. These quality 3/8” nap roller covers are washable and reusable. Most painting projects take a couple of days, so to save on paint and keep the paint roller fresh, the specially designed air tight cutting tray with a tight fitting lid and a ledge to rest the roller on which keeps it out of the paint is the best paint tray on the market today for edging.



               Fastrim Roller

         Shur-line Edger


Red Paintshield gasket gets you to 1,500 of an inch, can be used to paint next to commercial rubber baseboards and or up to T-bar ceilings, the smaller the edge the better it performs.

Difficult painting next to small sharp edges or up to textured ceilings. A challenge to keep paint off of wheels



The Fastrim Roller has 12 positions that when used on an extension pole eliminates the majority of ladder work. Priced at $29.95 for deluxe applicator with 6 refills and includes a tray with lid

No Adjustability, Can be fitted on an extension pole, but only pointing to ceiling.


The Fastrim Roller comes in two sizes, 3” and 5” x ½”. The three inch compares to a sash brush and the five inch can be used to paint a small room like a bathroom, gets behind toilet tanks and radiators

One size 4”x3”, doesn’t get in tight places!

Paint Tray

The Air Tight Edging tray with a lid keeps paint and roller cover fresh for days. There is a ledge designed to rest the roller on when not in use. The grid and slope on the tray is designed for maximum use and efficiency. Priced at under $2.00 for 5” tray with lid.

No Tray


The three and five inch rollers are priced under $2.00

Available in kits and or separate in 2 packs and or 10 packs. Promotional Kit with 2 refills a tray/lid and a 12 position handle starts at $16.95 including Shipping

One applicator is priced at $6.27 Shipping is extra.


The Fastrim trim and edging promotional kit comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, and the customer can keep the tools. They don’t need to send the product back to receive a refund.

No refund guarantee

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