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Sponge Paint Roller

Nap Roller and Foam Rollers

Whether you are using a fiber roller to paint and or a foam type roller, Choosing the correct roller for a paint job makes a big difference to the outcome.  There are significant differences between foam rollers, decorative rollers and plain nap rollers. The Fastrim Roller is designed to match the fiber length of the most commonly used 9" larger roller covers

Quality Is importantThe finished look of every paint job is what most painters desire. So even if you choose to use foam or nap rollers, don't skimp buying based on price only.  Durable good quality roller cover lasts longer as well, especially a nap roller cover that can be washed and reused.

Good Roller Covers are made with quality components The core of a roller cover is the basis for the fiber that is attached. Using a core that is made from high-quality moisture-resistant plastic is important, some colored fiber based cores may cause color bleed into your paint. These cores will not deteriorate when used repeatedly. When using latex paint, high-quality synthetic nap materials on nap rollers is your best option. There is a quality difference with most foam rollers, the density of the foam will dicatate if there are bubbles left in the paint on the wall, creating a problem with the finish. Higher density foam rollers cost more money, but are worth the investment.

Roller Covers with Nap The term nap, tells a painter aobut the length and typically about the fiber being used. Most paint stores recommend 3/8" or 1/2" nap for the majority of smooth wall finished, so it is best to match your mini or decorative roller nap to the same as the 9" full sized roller covers that you may use.

Fastrim Roller Covers Fastrim uses 3/8” blended poly fibers. Our roller covers are lint free and of the highest quality. They can be washed and reused numerous times. For edging the 3/8” fiber is the best length.

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