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The Next Generation Paint Edger

The most advanced paint edging system in the world!  Fastrim is a roller that edges like a brush, reducing labor by up to 60%. Amazing kit offer, improves quality, safety and speed.  Get your Fastrim today…this is the paint “Edger” tool featured at Las Vegas Paint and Hardware Show, and shown on DIY TV’s “I Want That”. See what all the fuss is about today!

60 Day Money BacK Guarantee

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The Last Roller You Will Ever Buy

The “Holy Grail” tool of painting, Fastrim will simplify and cut down your edging process.

4.5″ Adjustable Handle w/o  Roller

Buy $8.95

4.5″ Adjustable Handle With Roller

Buy $11.95

4.5″ – Fixed Handle With Roller Cover

Buy $7.95

3″ Adjustable With Roller Cover

Buy $9.95

4.5″- 2 Pack Roller Covers

Buy $4.95

4.5″-10 Pack Roller Covers

Buy $22.50

3″- 2 Pack Roller Covers

Buy $4.95

3″- 10 Pack Roller Covers

Buy $22.50

Starter Kit

Buy $16.90

Intermediate Kit

Buy $26.84

Advance Pro

Buy $44.30

Ultimate Pro

Buy $50.30

Deluxe Home Painting Kit

Buy $41.95

3 Pack Micro Fiber Rollers

Buy $7.95

9″ Paint Tray + Lid Air Tight

Buy $7.50

9” Pro Cage Frame

Buy $7.95

3″ Adjustable Handle w/o Roller

Buy $7.95

Telescopic Paint Roller W/O Cover

Buy $9.95

Learn How Easy This Is To Use? 

How To Instuctions

The Easiest How-To Video

Watch this how-to video , and in minutes you’ll know how to use Fastrim. I guarantee you will eliminate at least 60% of your labor, including eliminating the majority of your ladder work, taping and brush work. This will change how you paint forever!

Whether its repainting by property management companies, and or a same color freshen up by a homeowner, these tools are the answer. They have made painting easier than ever before, The “Holy Grail” tool of painting, Fastrim will simplify and cut  your edging process time in half with these new paint rollers.

PaintShield Roller Covers

World’s First Roller That Edges Like A Brush

PaintShield cover allows quick edging or cut-in around doors, windows, ceilings, and trim.

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